Thursday, April 19, 2007

New experiences in bacon

I've been a member of Group Recipes for about a month and a half now. I've recognized myself as a foodie for some time now, but this site has really got me cooking. I put a chicken topped off with some teriyaki sauce in the oven the other night and found myself feeling disappointed that I hadn't taken the time to make the Apple Brine recipe and soak the chicken before baking it. Next time...

But on to the bacon. One of the early recipes I came across was a breakfast cookie that includes Grape Nuts cereal, orange juice, raisins, and BACON. Just in case there's any question about my feelings, a breakfast without bacon is a shame. We could talk about how often I eat breakfast and the amount of shame I face, but then it would take longer for you to see the picture. I wouldn't do that to you.

I like them. I might cut down on the amount of sugar I use next time and you know I'm going to play around with the recipe. The true test will be this weekend when they go on a roadtrip.
The other bacon experience (or not yet experienced as it happens) I've come across is Bacon Toffee from Off the Bone. Allen at Eating Out Loud made it a couple of days ago. I've been thinking about a nickname for him. "Baconisto" came to mind this morning. It's no Ri Ri Glitter but I think I can work with and expand on this one.

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Allen of EOL said...

I'm down to the last few pieces of bacon brittle. Last night, I sprinkled a few pieces on top of a bowl of vanilla ice cream ... and enoyed it :-)

There will be more bacon infused recipes in my future, so stay tuned.

Have fun on your roadtrip - I'm sure the cookies will be a hit!