Thursday, April 19, 2007

New experiences in bacon

I've been a member of Group Recipes for about a month and a half now. I've recognized myself as a foodie for some time now, but this site has really got me cooking. I put a chicken topped off with some teriyaki sauce in the oven the other night and found myself feeling disappointed that I hadn't taken the time to make the Apple Brine recipe and soak the chicken before baking it. Next time...

But on to the bacon. One of the early recipes I came across was a breakfast cookie that includes Grape Nuts cereal, orange juice, raisins, and BACON. Just in case there's any question about my feelings, a breakfast without bacon is a shame. We could talk about how often I eat breakfast and the amount of shame I face, but then it would take longer for you to see the picture. I wouldn't do that to you.

I like them. I might cut down on the amount of sugar I use next time and you know I'm going to play around with the recipe. The true test will be this weekend when they go on a roadtrip.
The other bacon experience (or not yet experienced as it happens) I've come across is Bacon Toffee from Off the Bone. Allen at Eating Out Loud made it a couple of days ago. I've been thinking about a nickname for him. "Baconisto" came to mind this morning. It's no Ri Ri Glitter but I think I can work with and expand on this one.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Easter Peeps Roasting on an Open Fire...

Yep, friends, these guys and their 8 peep pals did not stand a chance. It was not my idea. I supported it wholeheartedly, but it did not spring forth from my head or mouth.

They were also roasted during one of the best Easter days I've ever had. T and I went to Milwaukee to B's new house. B hid plastic eggs full of peep in the yard and I think something snapped as soon as she saw the firepit. Or maybe it was the drink...

The unusual bottle near the center is cachaca - a Brazilian liquor made from sugar cane which is compared to rum. Muddle a quartered lime with sugar til there's a measurable amount of juice in the bottom of the glass. Add an ounce and a half of cachaca and crushed ice and you have a caipirinha. We'd had a couple of these before the hunt. Soon after, the log was lit.

I think one of the best parts about this story is that right before we were finished eating, J and her husband came over. No one's ever met J's husband...he was like her invisible friend as far as we were concerned. Then we hit him with the peep sacrifice and I introduced them to Peep Research. Good impressions made by all!