Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Nothing but a cute story, and possibly only to me

I found a recipe for Margarita Shrimp I remember having made years ago. I couldn't remember for the life of me where I found the recipe or the exact ingredients, and after doing a web search was pretty convinced that it was lost to me. As I continue to explore my foodie side, I'm looking thru old magazines in the hopes I can recycle those who's recipes I'll never make.

Lo and behold, I found said lost recipe in a Bon Appetit Barbeque! magazine published in 1990! Then I had to try it, just to make sure it was as great a recipe as I remembered (it is). And then I had to get a picture of the dish, cause that's fun too. As U took the first picture, I looked down and saw Ms Jo, the black pud with the sweet petite paws, looking up at me VERY intently. Had to get a pic of that too.

As soon as I was done snapping pics, I gave her a small bite...then thing I knew, her head was plate level and she had a whole piece of shrimp in her mouth. I seem to recall saying that she'd better eat the whole thing. Goodness knows how the cat can eat a whole mouse but not a piece of shrimp. Once I tore the shrimp (making that perfectly clear) into smaller pieces, it was gone.


Marye said...

too funny! Cats are so irritatingly princesslike. :) If my 4 year old was an animal she would be a cat.
The shrimp look sooooo good.

Marye said...

By the way I am tagging you...check it out at my *other * blog..

Ivy said...

Wow, look delicious. Love shrimps. Ivy (from group recipes). By the way have separated my blogs and the old one is now in Greek and my new blog whhich is in English is

Allen of EOL said...

Hey Paula! So the shrimp look great ... but I've been staring at them since July :-) If I can start posting again, so can you!

My posting is still pretty sporadic but I haven't given up on it completely.

Hope all is well this holiday season!